• Anna Hardman

Top 10 Nutrition Tips For Runners

Yes, No, maybe: why is getting nutrition right for runners so hard? 🤯

Being an experienced Dietitian, and having run for over 10 years I have learnt a lot about nutrition and performance and hope to share this with you in my blogs. These blogs will focus on different elements of nutrition, where I will translate complex nutritional science into easy understandable practical information you can apply to your running life to help improve health and performance.


Figuring out what time to eat your meals in conjunction with your running can be a challenge in itself. Often, people find them questioning do I eat something now… or will I be doubled over with cramps? The timing of pre and post run nutrition is key to enhance performance and aid recovery. A general rule is to try and eat a snack one to two hours before, and eat as soon as you are able to post run.


Hydration is key, dehydration in athletes may lead to fatigue, headaches , muscle cramping and it can even slow you down! And sorry to inform you caffeinated drinks and alcohol is not classed as hydrating your body..

3️⃣ Eat carbohydrates

LOVE THY CARBS, at the minute we are in a generation of fad dieting and there is a craze amongst the general public and runners to take carbohydrates out of their diet. Carbohydrates are essential to fuel our body and runs

4️⃣ Eat protein

Protein is 100% an essential ingredient to everyone’s diet. Protein helps to aid growth and repair of muscles

5️⃣Don’t run on empty

Running on an empty stomach can cause low blood sugars. These can make you feel tired, lightheaded, dizzy and will affect your effort during the run it will often make you want to cut your run shorter or even make you go slow.

6️⃣Stick to what you know- practice practice practice

It’s a good idea to find what works for you and stick to that. Tried and tested meal options you know works so why change it? Everyone is different, and there may be certain foods that you know your body cannot handle with before a run for me it’s a curry …

7️⃣ DONT make any drastic changes to your diet without seeking advice from a trained professional


If your going to take supplements always seek advice if the supplements are required in your diet or is this something we can get naturally through food


Plan your diet around your runs to ensure you get all the right nutrients!

1️⃣0️⃣ EAT pizza


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