• Anna Hardman

Who do you trust when it comes to advice on nutrition?

Updated: Aug 13, 2019

Confused by nutrition? Confused by what you read?

Eat eggs they contain protein.... Don't eat eggs they contain cholesterol ?!?

Drink red wine it lowers your blood pressure... Don't drink wine it increases your risk of cancer?!?


I'M CONFUSED.. and I've been learning about food and nutrition for nearly 10 years.

Unfortunately the media and some health care professionals give conflicting advice and is confusing the nation when it comes to food and improving health.

I bet your wondering so who is qualified?

Dietitians are the only nutrition professionals that are regulated by law, and are governed by an ethical code to ensure that they always work to the highest standards and all recommendations are underpinned by evidence and guidance.

Unfortunately anyone can call themselves a 'nutritionist'. There are some nutritionist's which are registered and must have met the recognised standard. Some nutritionists will have been to university for three years and some will have completed a two week course.

Doctors.. we all trust them right? of course we do. However when it comes to nutrition some doctors are aware of what is within their scope of practice to recommend however this is not all, and will sometimes use the media and literature from the internet to support guidance and practice.

So when it comes to nutrition always trust a Dietitian!

And when it comes to building do NOT trust me!


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